2008 - 2013

Senior Marketing Design Specialist

Tags: Website Design, Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, Tradeshow, SEO, Marketing

AtHomeNet Website* creates and maintains websites for Property & Association Management companys and thier HOA's using their own custom built CMS System and features. I started work here in the Summer of 2008 after 9 years at Network Communications (Now NewPoint Media). I started as a Web & Graphics Specialist but quickly my responsbilities grew and I became the Senior Marketing Design Specialist.

I was involved in Web Design for Management Companies and their Homeowners Associations and the comapny's Sales Website. I was on the SEO & Marketing team which involved creating not only print and tradeshow media but also keyword landing pages and pouring over analytics data. I was also asked to help out the Development Team by creating first editions of HTML & CSS for new features, updates and structure modifications.

I oversaw or manage the samll team of web designers who built out the HOA website templates for the clients. In my time there we created and produced over 8,000 websites, and we went having almost no foothold in Google search to having over 22 #1 position keywords. For five years it was a job I wanted to go to because I knew each day might bring a new challenge or discovery all the while I was gaining even more skills and enhancing the ones I had.

AtHomeNet was sold in 2013 to a Investment Holdings Company and while the name lives on all my work (to the most part) has been discared and a new website and marketing material has been created.

Presented are some examples of my work during my time at AtHomeNet.

*website was updated under new management in 2013

AtHomeNet Website
AtHomeNet Print Ad
AtHomeNet Print Ad
AtHomeNet Print Ad
AtHomeNet Print Ad
AtHomeNet Print Ad
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AtHomeNet Print Ad
AtHomeNet Print Ad
2009 AtHomeNet Training Camp Poster
AtHomeNet AMLF Sales Sheet
2008 AtHomeNet Training Camp Poster
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